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Website Load time Issue

My WordPress site checks for youtube at load time. Youtube is blocked at my customer office network. How do I make an exception and load

Can’t load js script from remote files

I have a problem loading some javascript files in my html code. <select id="cats"> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </select> At that location there is a php

How to load thankyou.php template on woocommerce

I am developing a wordpress woocommerce theme. I am wondering how can I see thankyou.php template without making the payment. Only for development purpose, I

Optimizing a PHP WordPress template with edits that have many includes and loops to index.php causing massive server load on VPS

Our site is setup in this manner: We have a domain and and all our individual hotel pages are under that domain. However, the setup

Load mutiple stylesheets inside one IE condition

I want to load Load mutiple stylesheets inside one condition for Internet Explorer: wp_enqueue_style('ie-style', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style-ie.css'); wp_enqueue_style('ie', get_template_directory_uri() . '../../ie.css'); // global $wp_styles; $wp_styles->add_data('ie-style',

Iframe wont load in iexplore 8-11, wordpress

For some reason, my video on wordpress wont show up when I use iframe to view it. In I.E., it automatically loads the video into

I want to create a php page on my WordPress site, that I ajax load content from.

I want to set up a page with a variety of divs, with each containing specific shortcodes. It would be set up as follows: <div

Sprint Mobile Network doesn’t load jQuery slider

I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I am at a loss as to where to ask for help,

PHP Form - Load Content based on option selected from dropdown

I have already asked a question regarding this issue here. The answers may not be what I am looking for, so I will try to

Page load twice when form submit

I have this code which retrieve data from the visitor and then sending the data to php code through a hidden inputs. I send all

Woocommerce create load more products with Ajax

I’m trying to create a function that loads more products using Ajax request in Woocommerce. My idea is to create a button “Load more Products”

"dataTable is not a function": tiny issue with click, load and fnGetData

I have an error fetching a row-value by DataTable. Firebug informs after clicking: TypeError: $(…).dataTable is not a function An example you can find here

Make plugin content load like WordPress Pages and Posts

I’m currently working on a system which offers various courses. The courses are managed via a plugin I have written in the back-end. The user

CSS and Images won’t load properly on WordPress

So I have my own theme with custom templates, and I tested my pages using my laptop and it works. But when I connect my

Plugin to load theme if mobile and specific page

I’ve been browsing some of the other questions and I haven’t been able to find a solution. There was a great solution to part of

nginx load wordpress from a subdirectory

I followed a guide from here to install wordpress on my ubuntu server. Upon entering the url loads me the front page. server {

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