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Manually Get Correct Page for Menu Item Link in WordPress

I have very interesting issue here. Within my WordPress site I seem to have two distinct instances of the same page, being a Contact page.

UPME How to’s - Manually Approve Users After Registration by Administrators

Lot of people have asked how to enable manual user approvals in UPME! How do you enable manual user approvals and how do admins approve

Magento and WordPress Joint. How do i edit a page manually or the CSS?

I am having problems trying to figure out how exactly i can edit a simple page of the website. I didn’t initially create it so

Magento and WordPress Joint. How do i edit a PAGE manually….?

A website is joint with Magento and WordPress together. I have no clue at the moment how to edit code manually to actually change pages.

How to get post thumbnail URL manually in wordpress plugin development?

I want to get post thumbnail url manually without using this code wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id($post->ID) ); For example using MySQL query.Its possible? Read more here: How

How to add the author name in wordpress manually through coding

Recently I bought a template from I have an issue with this template. I am unable to display the author name on the blog

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