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get link to custom taxonomy for one custom post type when multiple CPT share the taxonomy

post_type-1 and post_type-2 share the same custom taxonomy. How do I generate a link to a page which shows all posts of post_type-1 in that

Multiple post types on a grid (every nth post must be a specific post type)

I have a grid where I display multiple posts types. I need to lay out the grid making sure that I have 2 posts from

Unable to retrieve data from multiple WordPress websites on same server

I am trying to retrieve data from multiple client WordPress websites on a single php page. So I can monitor all these websites without going

How To Run Multiple Multi-Site Networks On Same Box

I’m building a multi-site project locally using the VVV Vagrant VM. I setup a sub-domain multisite install with domain mapping and two sub-sites. Everything works

Multiple choice menu

I’m having trouble creating a menu with multiple choices and I’m hoping this great forum can help. The webpage in question is: The site

How do I execute a WP_Query with multiple arguments?

I am trying to do a WP_Query where I want the loop to execute only if the post type is books and genre is the

Multiple media uploads in a wordpress admin page

I’ve created my own admin page for my wordpress theme, I am attempting to upload multiple images to a slideshow, but should the first image

Positioning multiple spans on top of separate divs correctly between browsers

I am having a problem with getting multiple spans to lay on top of a few divs within a WordPress post of mine correctly. I

wordpress multisite - multiple registeration

On a wp multiste, I would like users to be able to register on one site with the ability to register on the other sites

Include Multiple Stylesheets in WordPress Plugin

I am creating a wordpress plugin, where I need to include multiple stylesheets and JS files. I have used the following code, 1. TRIAL 1-

Media uploader "uploading" multiple instances of the same image

When I select some images and drop into the wordpress file uploader, the first image of the group seems to upload correctly at this moment,

Why are there multiple tables in WordPress, and why is it only reading the wrong/last one?

I have a database that’s already been functioning well. I downloaded it, and now I’m trying to upload it to a new WordPress site. Once

Positioning multiple spans correctly on top of a div within a post

I am having a problem with getting multiple spans to lay on top of a few divs within a WordPress post of mine correctly. I

How to intigrate multiple image uploader in a custom post type

How can i add this type of field in the custom post type Read more here: How to intigrate multiple image uploader in a custom

Multiple Backgrounds in WordPress

Excuse me for my bad English. I decided to insert two different backgrounds in my wordpress blog but I found some problems. I tried to

A simple way to implement multiple use jquery functions

This is quite a complicated one but I’ll try and explain it as best as I can. I am developing a wordpress site that utilises

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