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Same taxonomy for different object types

Starting with WP 2.3 we can do this: register_taxonomy('custom_taxonomy', array('user', 'post', 'link', 'comment')); Those are different object types that belong to different tables and hence

Advanced Custom Fields - Post Object not returning Custom Fields

I am working ona project currently that uses ACF. I have a page that can link to a post object that is also made through

Creating a menu page in a Object Oriented developed plugin

I am trying for the first time to build a plugin for WordPress following OOP way. I am having some problems while trying to create

Create WordPress $post object from Query

I have a custom SQL query (below) that works fine on it’s own, but I need to pass the results of this query to a

Counting custom post type with wp_count_posts returns an empty object

For some reason the wp_counts_posts function returns an empty object if I use my custom post type’s name in the function’s parameter. The var_dump is:

How to echo an stdClass Object Array’s array values

I have an array within an STDClass object as my select options. I cannot understand how to echo its values. var $fields = array( array(

GoogleMaps plugin for WordPress, populating a template with html content including a map object

I am trying to build a plugin for WordPress in order to generate and display an HTML content with a GoogleMaps map object. The plug-in

I need help to replace wordpress object with new one

I want to replace slider image with real slider. I mean I want to be new slider on same place, when I try TOP 5

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