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increase related products on single product page (woocommerce)

im doing some work on a website running wordpress - woocommerce styled by Jupiter theme. The problem is that I’ve asked the developers for help

Magento and WordPress Joint. How do i edit a page manually or the CSS?

I am having problems trying to figure out how exactly i can edit a simple page of the website. I didn’t initially create it so

I want to create a php page on my WordPress site, that I ajax load content from.

I want to set up a page with a variety of divs, with each containing specific shortcodes. It would be set up as follows: <div

Create custom post type single page

I want to make single page for my custom post type but my method didn’t work. I’ve created custom post type in this way: function

WordPress check if current page is author page

Is there a way I can check if the current WordPress page is the author page? Thanks in advance! Read more here: WordPress check if

Magento and WordPress Joint. How do i edit a PAGE manually….?

A website is joint with Magento and WordPress together. I have no clue at the moment how to edit code manually to actually change pages.

automatically updated google chart, embedded in a page

I have created a google chart from a google forms responses. In the google form page, every time I added a new row, the chart

Custom Search only for my Custom Taxonomy Page - data

First of all my this post is related to : Link 1 and Link 2 I made my custom taxonomy page : My Custom Taxonomy

WordPress - Custom Change Password page

I’m trying to create custom page for Change Password under Profile. When I store/update the new user password(already change to hash value), it will logout

Need help creating a page with medical codes

My client is a medical lab company. They want employees to go to a page on their site and type in a test name and

CPT parent page

I have a CPT page called ‘Products’ and and normal WordPress page called ‘products’. Does anybody know how to make a CPT page have a

How do I make 2 DIV’s with different heights reach the bottom of the page at the same time on scroll?

I’m trying to make the #content and #content-sidebar DIV’s of my WordPress blog reach the bottom and top of the page at the same time

Display subcategories selectbox on each category page

I want to display a select box to switch to SUBCATEGORIES of the current CATEGORY when i’m on a category page. I’ve the following category

Show Custom Field On Woocommerce View Order Page

I want to show Air Waybill on customer ‘view order’ page of woocommerce I create a custome field named AWB , value xxx How to

in my wordpress plugin page author link not showing

In plugin page author link on name and gravatar not showing. how to set those ? Read more here: in my wordpress plugin page author

Variable string in wordpress page permalink

I have a page in wordpress which shows all registered users in a table. When clicked on a user you’ll be redirected to their user

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