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Page load twice when form submit

I have this code which retrieve data from the visitor and then sending the data to php code through a hidden inputs. I send all

PHP code to redirect contact form to thank you page

I hope someone may help me with the following issue. I want to create a new page in WordPress (i.e. The reason for this

PHP Generated product pages e.g: Page: [1] 2 3 4

I have a product page that is generated using WordPress to get the products and display them, however I want to be able to limit

redirect to current page wp-login

I am not very advanced in php. I found function that i can use in WP header - then when login from “small green box”

Cannot find and delete default ‘Home’ page in pages list

I am starting a wordpress website and created my first page called ‘home’ but when I go to view my site I have 2 home

The Loop in Static Page

I have some questions about the loop. I’m using “twentyfourteen” theme as an example. I’m creating 2 php files with basic loop. One is home.php,

How do I add my own page in WordPress?

I’m writing a plugin and I have a theme that goes with it. My plugin is used for posting products and I need to have

Once redirected by Rewrite rules, how can WordPress know the page?

I have been searching for some configurations of .htaccess, filters and hooks to make able to manage the inner site uri’s. The goal was force

Open a page in a POP-UP box

My question is, when I click on certain page link, It should be open in pop up box instead of going to another page by

Open a page in a POP-UP box in wordpress

My question is, when I click on certain page link, It should be open in pop up box instead of going to another page by

pass onclick event to another page

I am creating portfolio website, here is the link , All the portfolio on homepage are filterable in click event, but when I goes

Display meta-field mp3 and add to lightbox container on portfolio page

What I basically have now: I have a portfolio gallery masonry grid (using JIG plugin) that queries my custom post_type. For each post, clicking on

Remove WordPress body classes on search page

I’m seeing a lot of guides on how to add more classes to a WordPress body tag, but is there a way to remove all

Avoiding PDF creation on entering the page in PHP with mpdf

I’ve been struggling these past days to export a table to PDF in PHP with mpdf, I finally solved most of the problems, however, I’m

WordPress – Display page content before read more without using a loop

Confusing title, I know. Let me explain. Currently, I have this little guy set up in my WordPress theme: <?php $id=7; $post = get_post($id); $content

url php page creating and display the content

I have a pretty big DB and i created a form that display each row in the same page, under the form. Good. Each row

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