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Override CSS background image in WordPress plugin

I am trying to remove the default background image icon of the AddToAny WordPress plugin. As you can see in the URL below, the blue

How to have Function of a plugin using global vars into a shortcode?

I am trying to convert this piece of code into a shortcode so it can be used inside my posts. Is it possible? I cant

Override a plugin class

I’m trying to override a plugin class with my own. The plugin class is function yith_woocompare_constructor() { // stuff here } add_action( 'plugins_loaded', 'yith_woocompare_constructor' );

update message for modified plugin

I modified a plugin, and wanted to prevent it from being updated. So I gave it a new name, localisation domain and class name. But

How to include WP_Widget from another file in main plugin file?

I tried to use the code bellow in my main file: define( 'MYPLUGINNAME_PATH', plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) ); include MYPLUGINNAME_PATH . 'class/class-widget.php'; Then I have a file class/class-widget.php

Plugin Error - array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array

I am building my first wordpress plugin and the error log is throwing up the following errors. [06-Jul-2014 20:07:21 UTC] PHP Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2

WordPress plugin grab & save

I am doing little modification to wordpress plugin Grab & save written by Lim Kai Yang, and I already asked on wordpress plugins forum

Trying to create my first plugin that’s a widget, all themes default styles are overriding my custom CSS

I have created a little plugin that creates a widget that I’ve made, basically just a pretty element, unfortunately, all default widget styles are overriding

Is there a plugin for this?

My client, a medical lab, wants to have employees login from their site and log their daily reports. They’ll want this info to be forwarded

Social Share Plugin WordPress

I need social sharing plugin similar to attached email with all available option as well as email. when I click on email it should popup

Applying Wookmark tile plugin to a wordpress Theme using a posts-loop

I’m trying to apply the Wookmark jQuery Plugin to my wordpress theme. The implementation takes place with a Loop, as the point of the subject

WordPress Category using taxonomy for plugin only

I got the idea how taxonomy works in WordPress, but can I can create categories using it that are visible only to my plugin ?

wordpress add media conflict with a plugin

my wordpress “add media”lightbox feature is distupted by the jquery I added. I have no idea why it would be a problem. Can anyone please

wordpress plugin development issue : Generate php pages

is anybody knows how to generate pages in wordpress, with php code as a content using a plugin? for example the plugin will create landing

Can’t activate jigoshop wordpress plugin

I want to install the wordpress jigoshop plugin but I am getting the following error when trying to activate the plugin. I have tried by

Word Counter plugin in textarea WordPress solution not working in jquery 1.11.0

I’ve set up my form with the code from this thread: Counting and limiting words in a textarea However the fiddle code was written with

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