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Do I have anything to worry about when switching to a default theme to test for plugin conflictions?

WordPress noob here. I want to test a site I’m working on for plugin conflicts. I’ve heard that switching to a default theme and testing

bbpress doesn’t work when certain code is added in an activated plugin

I have a forums page that displays my forum index. Whenever I add the following part of code the bbpress doesn’t display my forum index

in my wordpress plugin page author link not showing

In plugin page author link on name and gravatar not showing. how to set those ? Read more here: in my wordpress plugin page author

How to get post thumbnail URL manually in wordpress plugin development?

I want to get post thumbnail url manually without using this code wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id($post->ID) ); For example using MySQL query.Its possible? Read more here: How

Force a new line for unnamed div (In Plugin)

I am using the CUSTOM CONTACTS FORM plugin for my wordpress site and am looking for ways to force a new line after the first

plugin for wordpress to store data of Family tree

I wanted to create family tree so please help me to find best plugin for wordpress to store data of Family data Read more here:

How to list tables in wordpress plugin development?

I want to show all table names in my plugin development. I know how to do that in core PHP. I am trying like this:

Notice: Undefined index: post_type - Simple Custom post type custom field plugin

I’ve installed this plugin and added a custom post type. It was displayed properly, but then whrn trying to unistall it, it also deleted the

Put folder in theme via plugin

I’ve created a set of customisations for WordPress and turned these into a very simple plugin. As part of this customisation process I also need

Could Someone Help Me Create A Music Chart Plugin Please

Hello I wonder if anyone can help me i’m new too this…I have this html music chart that I recently created for fun on HTML

WordPress Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function - Jquery Tag-it Plugin

I am trying to use Tagit Jquery Plugin, Also attaching photo if somebody want to see The page where i am using this

Plugin that implements Dropzone.js

I am creating a plugin where you upload a csv file and it puts the data inside a database, i already have the code for

Include Multiple Stylesheets in WordPress Plugin

I am creating a wordpress plugin, where I need to include multiple stylesheets and JS files. I have used the following code, 1. TRIAL 1-

How to Include WP_Widget class in main plugin file

If I have a class xxxx_widget extends WP_Widget inside a php file, how can I include that file from the main file inside my plugin.

Unable to save custom metabox data from metabox plugin

I am quite new to php and wordpress but have programming knowledge. i am attempting to save data from these metaboxes in metabox plugin by

register_uninstall_hook not working on wordpress plugin uninstall

Hi there i make a plugin, now i want that when a user deactivate the plugin, all the functions and posts and option values and

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