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WordPress plugin inner join tables

I’m making this plugin for my site where I can generate some coupons for the users. I wrote a plugin and I’m listing all the

Very simple upload form for wordpress plugin

I have a very simple plugin in my wordpress. Now i have a function and i use add_submenu_page to add that function to my main

jquery not working in wordpress plugin

I have been working on a custom website and have decided to use a plugin to modify wordpress to what I need but so far

WP Availability Calender For Every Contributor Plugin

I am developing a wordpress application where I want the user with role of contributor will have their own calendar and they can manage their

wordpress attachments plugin missing upload filter

I have installed attachments plugin on my site For some reason when i hit the upload button the filter is missing (attached image) How is

i would like to recieve my subscription mail only to inbox not to spam [follow plugin]

How can I enable follow plugin to send all the updates to my inbox not to spam? I have tried the setting option but not

WordPress - GSpeech plugin using in website, without wordpress

I am making a website in php(I am using codeigniter framework). I want to convert text to speech in my site ( user can listen

jquery menu plugin to make only overflowing list items dropdown

I have a menu which renders as list through wordpress. it is contained in a div which is 100% in size to body but has

change output location of plugin function using a custom hook

I’m running the YouTube Video Fetcher plugin and it fetches youtube videos and displays it on your website. However, instead of displaying the video after

WordPress Plugin WooCommerce, Custom Payment Gateway Settings Not Saving

I’m working on a custom payment gateway for the WordPress plugin WooCommerce. I cannot seem to save the settings for the payment gateway. When I

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