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WordPress - custom post type, displaying the parent and child categories

So I’m reasonably new to WordPress, but have been able to solve most issues by myself up until now. I have a custom post type

Best HTML practice for a featured post - WordPress

I’m going to do a row with three columns, all containing one featured post from a blog. It will contain: title, featured image, author, category,

WordPress: Possible to get the title of the 2nd and 3rd post from within the loop while processing story #1?

I wanted to be able to query the DB table for the title of the second and third posts to get their title (or any

Accessing post_meta on save of new post

I am trying to get the value of a post_meta when the post is published. The problem is that all I can get is the

WP Custom Post type & Taxonomy url structure

So, I have a CPT named: Sport and a taxonomy named: sport_types; I a want an url structure like this: /sports/ <- archive-sport /sports/karate <-

WordPress, out first part of a post, then output second part of a post

I’m currently using advanced custom fields relationship fields to out a post no problem. However, I need to run through two posts at time. By

WordPress, Out first part of a post, then output 2nd part of a post

So im currently using ACF relationship fields to out a post no problem. However, I need to run through 2 posts at time. By that

In the Edit Post page how do I modify with jQuery the status select list?

Here is my JS: jQuery('#post_status option[value="draft"]').text('Approve'); I simply trying to modify the text inside the option element in the status select form element in the

Custom Post Type vs Shortcode: Which one is more performant?

I am designing a WordPress blog where I will have two types of posts: a. Normal posts; regular posts with a number of text paragraphs

Create custom post type single page

I want to make single page for my custom post type but my method didn’t work. I’ve created custom post type in this way: function

How to query posts of standard post format. For real

So, I have been looking EVERYWHERE. I tried every kind of combination. So far, nothing. I have to query two posts to show on my

WordPress Scheduled Post Error : "Missed schedule"

I have 2000 scheduled posts in WordPress. I want to change the schedule dates and update mysql database. update wp_posts SET post_date = FROM_UNIXTIME( UNIX_TIMESTAMP()

How to open particular featured image clicking on desired post using javascript in wordpress?

I have created a custom post type “gallery” and created seven post in it. Since I am using “dynamic featured image” plugin of wordpress so

Display latest post featured image from category

I need to show in home page the latest post featured image from category like background url of .categoria div. This is the code I

Action hook "wp_insert_post" works but not for last imported post

I want to run a custom function whenever posts are imported to my custom post type. I am currently running this code - function on_post_import($post){

Create a custom WordPress post for every element of a XML file

I’m sorry for my english. I explain my situation. I have an XML file that i get using CURL function in PHP. I would to

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