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Notice: Undefined index: post_type - Simple Custom post type custom field plugin

I’ve installed this plugin and added a custom post type. It was displayed properly, but then whrn trying to unistall it, it also deleted the

Group search results by post_type - Relevanssi

Using the Relevanssi (v3.3.5) search plugin on WordPress (v3.9.1) I can group search results by post_type. Example: add_filter('relevanssi_hits_filter', 'products_first'); function products_first($hits) { $types = array();

Image paths on custom post types getting /post_type/ added to path

Whenever I use a JavaScript path to /images/imagename.jpg or within CSS ie. background: url(../images/imagename.jpg) the actual path (only on custom post type pages) becomes: http://localhost/projectname/post_type/page/wp-content/themes/bonestheme/library/images/imagename.jpg)

Wrong post_type argument passed to the query when using a custom post type

I’m trying to obtain a structure like this 1) Posts -> /%category%/articles/%postname%/ 2) CPT -> /%category%/CPT/%postname%/ But although I am able to see the right

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