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Problems in my website when are open in Internet Explorer 8

Well…i try to explain my problem: I made a new website and it’s works in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome…but I’m seen one problem: When

Problems in my website when opened in Internet Explorer 8

Well … I’ll try to explain my problem: I made a new website and it’s works in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome… but I’ve seen

Problems with htaccess htpassword at frontend

I have protected my wp-admin page with a htaccess/htpassword file. .htaccess: AuthType Basic AuthName "restricted area" AuthUserFile /home/x/d/website/www/wp-admin/.htpasswd require valid-user .htpassword: user1:password1 user2:password2 It works.

Encode Url in PHP Problems in WordPress

I think this is an easy thing, but before I’ve tried to find a solution for almost one an hour. <a href="<?php echo urlencode(the_permalink()) ?>&source=<?php

Responsive WordPress table problems

Good Afternoon, I’m very much a beginner, so hang with me here… I am helping to design the website for our company and we have

pageYOffset problems in WordPress? Works on code playground, not on dev site

I am hoping someone will have some insight into my jQuery conundrum. I’m trying to implement a fairly simple script to add/remove a class to

Problems with basic image grid on WordPress twenty-thirteen theme

I’m trying to grid a number of images on a wordpress website, using the twenty thirteen theme. this is the code i’m using <style> #fontContainer

Search form in php problems

i`m kinda new in this domain and i got stucked in here. I need to extract data from DB and echo it on the screen

Problems with thumbnail showing

Thumbnails not showing on my (freshblog theme) home and archive page, here It seems error is here: Warning: finfo_open() [function.finfo-open]: Failed to load magic

wp_signon() giving problems : saying header already specified even though the header is called after using it

This is my code. This is the page where the form action directs to. The form is basically a sign up form. I am trying

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