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Which is better and faster ? WordPress Queries or SQL Query

Suppose I am developing a minimal theme, the the post page single.php displays only the post title, the excerpt and the content. So in general

mySQL queries are executed twice on wordpress website

I’m sorry for my english. I’m trying to add some functionalities at my WordPress website and to do this i have added a function in

Which rules to follow while writing mysql queries in WordPress

I am new to WordPress and have some doubts regarding structure. I want to know that while writing database queries using $wpdb global variable, is

"pagination" (but not really) and queries using custom posts types

More of a conceptual question here, than a strict code question: Working on a site for a musician who wants to list concerts, both upcoming

Easy way to write complex queries in wordpress

I want to run one sql query like this in wordpress. Just wanted to know if there is an easy way to do this in

edit.php only queries for ‘blog’ posts

I have been troubleshooting why the “Mine” list of posts is empty for custom post types in edit.php. At first it appeared that it could

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