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How to redirect a HTTP site to HTTPS site using 301 redirect instead of 302

I have a woocommerce website that is using https. The https if being redirected using a 302 redirect and I need to change this to

Wildcard redirect at end of url in .htaccess

I couldn’t find an accurate solution for this on SO. I have a WordPress site that needs any URL that contains /blog/?p* to redirect to

MailPoet Subscrition Form Redirect

I’m trying to get a redirect going. There are only 3 google results 1 of which provided the solution below. Is there any way to

Automatic redirect with JavaScript in WordPress

I’ve been using the below script for years on an html site with no issues, but for some reason I can’t make it work in

Template redirect inside of plugin not redirecting

I have this inside of my plugin but it’s not loading it … function templateRedirect() { if(is_home()){ echo 'hello'; } } add_action('template_redirect', 'templateRedirect'); Read more

Redirect of all page number to home page with .htaccess in wordpress

I want that all the url of the type are redirected to the home page, where the x could be a number from

.htaccess redirect: convert path to GET variables?

Can a .htaccess guru show me an example of this? This url: Should be translated to: This url: Should be translated to:

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