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How to make google spreadsheet graphs responsive

<iframe height=468 width=1584 src="//" seamless frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe> Even after changing width to 100%, it doesn’t make it responsive. I am embedding this graph on WordPress

Responsive content slider sometime cuts too much of the bottom off images So my wordless theme has a built in slider. It is responsive. The slider is in the background and seems to have a height

WordPress TwentyFourteen responsive theme resizing incorrectly

I am using a slightly modified version of the 2014 theme. It used to work perfectly on desktop and mobile handset - the design was

Responsive WordPress table problems

Good Afternoon, I’m very much a beginner, so hang with me here… I am helping to design the website for our company and we have

create two column responsive css html design that merges into 1 column when shrunk or viewed on mobile device

So i’m not very web savvy, Im creating a FAQ page on my WordPress site, and I want to make a responsive two column layout

Responsive css issue (Foundation framework)

This might be a silly question, I am quite confident in CSS and am starting to learn more about Javascript, essentially I am trying to

Responsive Navigation Menu CSS display errors.

I’m working in some grey area here with a responsive menu solution … for whatever reason, the menu does not seem to want to “open”

Responsive website slow on a mobile device

I bought a wp theme on themeforest called Allegro. When testing the mobile view on the computer browser everything works as it should. The menu

how to exclude menu background image on responsive versions

my question is in 3 parts, the first two are more basic using a custom css how do i add background image behind my menu?

Exclude menu background image on responsive versions [on hold]

My question is in 3 parts, the first two are more basic Using custom CSS, how do I add background image behind my menu? (see

Make ACF repeater responsive

I am trying to make a 2 column responsive layout using ACF repeater field. I have tried using a counter, but I don’t think I

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