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WordPress search for pages

I’m trying to write a search feature on a website of mine, and it seems like it’s not pulling in any of the pages, only

how to create a phpmyadmin db connection for wordpress and create custom id search box with resultpage?

have a wordpress site for the college. We wanted to preview our students exam result on our site. so we design a database.each student have

Search plugins and media categories

I’m very fairly new when it comes to plugins on WordPress. Currently I’m using a plugin called ” Enhanced Media Library ” for my wordpress

PHP Search and replace from Database

I need a PHP code to search and replace text entered in a textarea. The database contains two columns : 'Search' and 'Replace'. So the

Custom Search only for my Custom Taxonomy Page - data

First of all my this post is related to : Link 1 and Link 2 I made my custom taxonomy page : My Custom Taxonomy

WordPress, search in excerpt instead content

im new posting in the forum, but here i found answers without ask, just searching, thanks about that. Here go my questions: I have a

Remove WordPress body classes on search page

I’m seeing a lot of guides on how to add more classes to a WordPress body tag, but is there a way to remove all

Group search results by post_type - Relevanssi

Using the Relevanssi (v3.3.5) search plugin on WordPress (v3.9.1) I can group search results by post_type. Example: add_filter('relevanssi_hits_filter', 'products_first'); function products_first($hits) { $types = array();

WordPress pagination not working in search result page

I have a problem with pagination on search results page. The page links appear, but when i click onto page 2, it gives me a

wordpress custom theme search has quantity but displays no results

Trying my best to wrap my head around wordpress search process and results. Been reading and researching online for about 8 hours straight at this

Advance search with custom field wordpress

I have next code for search using words and category. But, i want add another condition with custom field. how to do? I have custom

Search page results conflicting logic - Search result caching?

I recently stylized my search page results from the base template _S, and got everything to work quite nicely. I’ve developed it to return false/positive

Sorting by meta_key different to search criteria?

I’ve created an admin only page simply to view more information about subscribers to my website. The subscriptions are stored as Custom Post Types. All

How to make custom post type search template

I want to make a search page template for custom post type. I make search form, but i don’t get any idea for search template.

WordPress error - "You are attempting to log out of community. Do you really want to log out?" when attempting to search "log in"

The community is running on WordPress 3.9.1 (latest version) and Twenty Ten Theme. When a user searches for “log in” using the search box in

Results on the same page as the search form php

How can i echo the results in the same page as the search form is (wordpress)?(i`m newbie) <form action="" id="searchform" method="POST"> <input name="searchquery" type="text" placeholder="Nume,

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