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Setting conditional background image from meta value

I am trying to set background image from meta value.I am successful also.But if the meta image is not set the out put <div id="pricing"

Setting up new WrodPress Theme without affecting the live site

Hello every one I’m trying to set up a new theme but don’t want to make the changes live until it is completely configured. I

Wsdl datatype show anyType After setting to float and return as null instead of float

/** * Sub two numbers * * @param float $s1 * @param float $s2 * @return float */ public function sub($s1, $s2) { return ($s1-$s2);

Setting WordPress Post dates to 1914

I am currently working on a Blog that is covering events of World War one in “real time”. To accomplish this i would to set

Setting the default post page to a subpage

Is there any way to set the default page template for posts to display as a subpage? Currently I have posts, and when you click

Custom blog setting directs blog to index page

In WordPress, I’ve changed the general settings for my web site to use a static page, pointing the Front page to a custom page called

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