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If wordpress option empty, show page list

I hope i’lll explain this correctly. here’s my drop down list $html .= '<select name="pp-dropdown_'.$i.'"> <option value="">' . attribute_escape(__('Select page')) . '</option> '; ?> <?php

Show all posts of all categories but excluding a category on custom blog page with pagination of my theme

Show all posts of all categories but excluding a category on custom blog page with pagination of my theme <h3>Recent Posts</h3> <?php $paged = (get_query_var('paged'))

Clicking on navigation link will show it’s content for that section

So what I’m trying to achieve is when a user clicks on any item in the navigation it will scroll down (I’m using a wordpress

How do I only show Ellipsis if wordpress title exceeds length

I have a function/php code which shows title excerpts but always shows ‘…’ even if the title doesnt exceed the length. Does anyone know a

How do I show ‘…’ when the WordPress title exceeds length

I have a function which trims the title to a certain length. It does trim the title properly, but always shows ‘…’ even if the

Show the online status of the current post’s author

Is there a way that I can show the online status (Either online or offline) of the author of the post that a site visitor

google map info window show on random time

How can I make on google map info window to show on random pin every 3 seconds? Info window shows on a pin, then closes

Wsdl datatype show anyType After setting to float and return as null instead of float

/** * Sub two numbers * * @param float $s1 * @param float $s2 * @return float */ public function sub($s1, $s2) { return ($s1-$s2);

Show Custom Field On Woocommerce View Order Page

I want to show Air Waybill on customer ‘view order’ page of woocommerce I create a custome field named AWB , value xxx How to

wordpress site suddenly show An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration

I have one website on wordpress i.e few days back suddenly it shows some error when ever i m trying to install new plugin,

WordPress - Why calling the_post_thumbnail() AFTER get_sidebar() doesn’t show anything on my template

I’m actually trying to display the post thumbnail inside the loop just before the content by using the_post_thumbnail(); function. It works like a charm in

Custom Meta Boxes repeatable field show on single.php

I have this code that creates a repeatable list of name and link to the post editor but can not find how to display it

Show exactly full content in WordPress without escape tags

I want to show limit latest post of WordPress in main page. I’m using WordPress APIs and functions to show that, but after that get_the_content()

How to show the Most Viewed Taxonomy in 24 hrs (WordPress)

I want to show the top / most viewed taxonomy in last 24 hrs. URLS are like In admin: On live site: Currently

Google font doesn’t show in theme option

I have implemented the following tutorial in my theme’s option panel. Every thing is working fine. But in the themeoption panel the default system

Get list of scripts / styles and show file which enqueued them

I want to show what scripts and styles have loaded on a page and which plugin / theme / file has added them to the

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