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How to show wordpress plugin content only home page?

I have create a simple WordPress plugin. For showing it on pages I have call function by using this >”function facebook_live_counter_main_content(){ [html markups here] add_action

How to show comments for a specific category of posts with a shortcode

Referring to this post category specific comments here Display category-specific comments in sidebar I need to ask 2 further related questions. 1/ Is this code

get_post_meta fields don’t show up on posts page

I’m new here, and to coding! I’ve been working hard (so, so hard…so hard) to create my website and with occasional help I’ve created a

Sidebar won’t show up on the homepage, am I doing this right?

So this is the website I’m currently developing: and the sidebar on the homepage won’t show up. I’m using the sidebar as a twitter

How to show monthly archive posts?

my custom archives page is : <?php get_header(); print ('<div class="row">'); $archi = wp_get_archives('echo=0'); $archi = explode( '</li>' , $archi ); $archi_count = count($archi); $count

Show excerpt for only first post in query

I’d like to only show the excerpt for the first post in my main query. I was wondering the best way to approach this. What

How to show related posts by category or custom post type?

I’m looking for the best way to go about creating, probably, custom post type where you can filter in the categories related to that custom

How to create shortcode to show the 2 latest posts

i would like to create a shortcode that displays the last 3 posts to any page…. laid out as Title Excerpt…Read more now i saw

Posts of category-child of category don’t show up when browsing the category child

Sorry, that’s the best way I can find to name the title of this post. If somebody can re-name it to something else that fits

WordPress - Trying to show user profile images

I have the Custom User Profile Photo plugin and I was trying to call the profile images to a loop on the mainpage I am

Get site owner meta to show publically on front end in multisite? using "user meta shortcodes" plugin

I’ve searched all over for a fix and have had no luck. Im using the “User Meta Shortcodes” plugin to display user meta. The plugin

Woocommerce: Dashboard doesn’t show products

i have 30.000 products on woo commerce. The performance is ok but the products don’t show in the Dashboard. So i hope somebody can help

Get WordPress to show updates available, but not let admin install them

We’re locking down some of our WP sites and only applying updates via composer and wpackagist. To disable admins from performing updates (and getting our

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