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H1 tag CSS Issue - One Side Hanging low on WordPress website

I am scratching my head as to what I’ve done here in my H1 Logo The first image shows what is messed up and the

How can I display products & subcategories along side each other?

Slightly complicated problem. I have parent categories which all have sub categories. When on the parent category page I want to display all the sub

i want same functionality of edit media file of admin side to frontend of wordpress

in admin side of wordpress if we edit any media picture then its resize and other various options are displaying . I want same option

Add a class to WordPress side menu only child

What I am struggling with is my side menu in IE8. The a:only-child:before works in all the browsers I have tested (Firefox and Chrome and

WordPress site has unwanted space on the right side when viewed on Mobile phone

I’ve tried everything to my knowledge. I know the problem exists somewhere in the CSS but I’m missing it. My site ( Displays properly on

Moving an image to the side

How do I move this image on my WordPress site to the left side? I don’t know which file to look for and which code

How to take two div side by side in wordpress

HiI am using wordpress my css code is fsrep-main-image { float: left; margin-right: 8px; text-align: center;overflow:hidden } fsrep-main-image img { padding: 1px; border: 1px solid

there is a white margin on the right side of my site

There ARE other questions regarding this issue. However, each one seems to have an individual answer, because the answers found do not work. Just scroll

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