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Special & simple ideas for sentence tokenizer and store meta information about tokens in database

I’m building a web application of language processor. Here I store quotes & stories in database. then I assaign corresponding meta info of tokens in

plugin for wordpress to store data of Family tree

I wanted to create family tree so please help me to find best plugin for wordpress to store data of Family data Read more here:

WordPress plugin to store code snippets

I’m looking for a wordpress plugin to store snippets of Python, C/C++ code. I want to be able to retrieve the snippets in a post,

PHP fatal errors with WordPress 3.9.1 + store bought theme

I’ve got a bunch of errors in my error.log that have caused my site to go down. A server reboot seemed to solve it. But

How to store the value of a custom field dropdown select for post referencing?

I’m trying to reference posts to each other. Editors should have a custom field select list of certain post’s titles to link the current post

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