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get link to custom taxonomy for one custom post type when multiple CPT share the taxonomy

post_type-1 and post_type-2 share the same custom taxonomy. How do I generate a link to a page which shows all posts of post_type-1 in that

How do I make an archive template for custom woocommerce taxonomy?

I have created a new taxonomy for products on woocommerce. Now, when I go to the taxonomy view and it shows 404. how do i

Sorting Custom Post Types, Taxonomy

I’m trying to sort a custom post type, using 2 taxonomies: Location and Unit - both are setup as categories. Inside of my location taxonomy

Taxonomy archive page have no post

I have a taxonomy with posts assigned to terms, and on the term archive page i get no found post $rewrite = array( 'slug' =>

Same taxonomy for different object types

Starting with WP 2.3 we can do this: register_taxonomy('custom_taxonomy', array('user', 'post', 'link', 'comment')); Those are different object types that belong to different tables and hence

WP Custom Post type & Taxonomy url structure

So, I have a CPT named: Sport and a taxonomy named: sport_types; I a want an url structure like this: /sports/ <- archive-sport /sports/karate <-

WordPress Custom Type permalink with custom Taxonomy slug

I have a custom post type on my site called Homes, with a custom taxonomy called homes-category. They are both working correctly, but I am

Get list of terms of current taxonomy archive for another taxonomy

I have a Custom Post Type named ‘Real estate’ which has (amongst others) two different taxonomies: ‘Purpose’ (hierarchical; terms used are ‘Living’, ‘Working’ and ‘Holidays’)

Custom Search only for my Custom Taxonomy Page - data

First of all my this post is related to : Link 1 and Link 2 I made my custom taxonomy page : My Custom Taxonomy

WordPress Category using taxonomy for plugin only

I got the idea how taxonomy works in WordPress, but can I can create categories using it that are visible only to my plugin ?

How to customize taxonomy archive template files for subterms?

I have a taxonomy called “location” where I have the term “Asia” and the sub-term “Thailand”. Now I created the taxonomy archive template file according

WordPress custom taxonomy as checkboxes in quick edit

I am registering my custom post type like this, register_post_type('subscriber', array( 'labels' => array( 'name' => __('Subscribers', 'devo'), 'singular_name' => __('Subscriber', 'devo'), 'add_new' => __('Add

How to show the Most Viewed Taxonomy in 24 hrs (WordPress)

I want to show the top / most viewed taxonomy in last 24 hrs. URLS are like In admin: On live site: Currently

Getting custom taxonomy from custom post type

I have a custom post type called email_block and have a custom taxonomy called block_type. I need to loop through all the email blocks find

Custom post type custom taxonomy not found

I created a custom post type on my site called Homes, which is working correctly. I created a custom taxonomy to go with it named

Limit to One Custom Taxonomy Selection, Including Most Used

I’ve got a bit of code that limits my custom taxonomy to only allow the user to select one category, by turning the checkboxes in

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