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styling text from the editor

I have created several template files that style, position and display content from posts and several custom post types. What I can’t get my head

Change gravity form subject with custom logic based text? [on hold]

How to change gravity form default subject text to custom logic based text (I need to add some functions to change dynamic subject line) How

how to change gravity form subject with custom logic based text?

how to change gravity form default subject text to custom logic based text (i need to add some fuctions to chage dynamic subject line) how

How to add default text in product’s short description woocommerce

I have installed woocommerce, so I have products. In the page where you create products (in the backend, when you click ‘add new product’) there

Trying to figure out a way to output PHP as plain text

I’m trying to figure out the php output of a shortcode in WordPress. I need to know the actual php this short code generates so

Php to Xml - Remove a text part from a result

i have the code i will show next: $xml->startElement("description"); $xml->writeRaw(utf8_encode(strip_tags($row['post_content'],''))); $xml->endElement(); and this bring me a result like <description>A M21Rh – Empresa de Trabalho Temporário,

Change/filter text of link of navigation menu

What I have: I have a log-in/log-out link in a standard WordPress navigation menu. So far, I’ve conditionally filtered the URL to either the necessary

how do i align contact form 7 next to text

i am working a WordPress contact page, and would like to have the a Google map and below it a section with the contact details

wordpress text field data — html markup is stripped

I’m using wordpress wp-editor in the admin dashboard to input some text to a custom table in mySQL (column type is ‘text’). It’s not a

Add CSS style sheet link tag with Text Widget

I am having a WordPress blog provided as free blog option by my E-commerce service provider.The user access provided by the eCommerce provider has very

WordPress multisites with different text direction

Hello WordPress Savvies, In order for us to create our WP site we were advised to do a multisite for each language; which we managed

WordPress theme not pulling through title text of images

I am trying to make the theme I am using (DICE) into pulling through title text of images. The code I am using is below;

Loading plugin text domain before registering post type

I’m building a wordpress plugin, that will register a post type. Im trying to set up a simple test case where all it does is

Making text appear above the static picture slider on the Alt homepage, with static slider template on WordPress

Basically I’m making a site on WordPress using the WordPress theme “Restaurateur”. As you can see on the demo home page here using the

Post input field text from product page to cart

I’m trying to get form input from the product page to the cart, but no luck so far. This is what I did: Made a

How to Enable Shortcode in plugins custom text box

I have a wordpress plugin which has a text box (i am using wp-editor). the problem is this the shortcode is not working. same shortcode

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