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How these text automatically inserted in my each web page?

My Site having trouble. Perhaps someone have did some malicious task with it. My each page is having Desciption Meta Content replaced with: “There

Woocommerce checkout page text for Paypal

I’m running woocommerce under the wootique wordpress theme. Here’s a link to my site. Since Paypal is the only payment processor, I wanted the text

How to get the custom header image’s alt text?

I’m using a custom header in my theme. My aim is to add an alt attribute to my custom header img element. My img element

How to add hidden text on wordpress ( Hidden div ) using javascript

Alright so basically i’ve been searching for a way that when someone clicks a text , a scroll down menu drops down with basically more

how can i write dynamically text in head tag header.php

I am working on plugin, i want to write a text line between head tag in header.php For example: when a user install and activate

Need to modify text resizer plugin for WordPress

I’ve installed a great and very simple text resizer plugin on a website that I’m working on, but I want to prevent the resizer from

Text overlay over gallery

I’m trying to get a text overlay over a gallery I have on my site (I’m using WordPress). So far I have been able to

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