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Retrive images from the_content()

I would like to get the images from the_content(), I know I could use a regex to get the images but I wanted to know

the_content() brings the medium size image

So I have the problem, the image I want to dispaly in post is not big enough and in my preffered size it gets bad

Apply the_content filter, but prevent other hooked actions

I have a plugin that displays some content onto the front end of the site after applying the_content filter to the block of text. I

the_content and the_title filter not working for custom post type created with custom post ui plugin

My code is working fine on normal posts and pages but it is not working on custom posts. I could not find the answer. I’ve

Add Incrementing ID to each paragraph in the_content

I need to loop through each paragraph in the_content and add an ID to each paragraph with an incremental value. for ($i = 0; $i

with <?php the_content (‘more’); ?>

ok i have a problem with the ‘more’ button i’m creating a new website and it’s not showing at all i tried a lot and

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