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Use wp_page_menu(); to populate a drop down menu in a wordpress admin themes page

I’m trying to create a drop down list for my pages in the wordpress admin page, I can display the pages using wp_page_menu(); but the

Use code from bundled themes in my theme and resell it

Since a while I have started comparing frameworks for wordpress in order to understand the way wordpress works. Now that I understand the code more

cURL within a WordPress theme’s functions file not working

I’m trying to make an API call from within a theme’s functions file and am having some issues. I’m hooking in to Contact Form 7’s

Trying to create my first plugin that’s a widget, all themes default styles are overriding my custom CSS

I have created a little plugin that creates a widget that I’ve made, basically just a pretty element, unfortunately, all default widget styles are overriding

How to add background image to WordPress theme’s Accelerate

Hi guys i’ve been working for this for days and searching the net for help but unluckily I don’t find one. Here’s my problem, I

Two plugins and themes directories with remote access

I want to have two plugin and theme directories in wordpress so that I have access to plugins and themes from both directories at the

Custom Widget Area outside theme’s border

I’m having an issue i would like your help with. I am a beginner with wordpress and wordpress themes so your patience would be appreciated!

WordPress Conditional Tags in Theme’s function.php file

I am trying to set HTTP response headers in my theme’s function.php file, whereby i am trying to set expiry time as 6hours for single

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