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UPME How to’s - Manually Approve Users After Registration by Administrators

Lot of people have asked how to enable manual user approvals in UPME! How do you enable manual user approvals and how do admins approve

WordPress concern about users

I want to have in WordPress two kind of registration forms. The default one for let’s say visitors users and a custom one for some

Facebook app, retrieve user info from facebook and copy it to buddy press users

i’m trying to get user info from facebook when a user tries to login through facebook on my website ,Wordpress website, I have been struggling

multisite can’t import media and users

I have recently created my first unmanaged VPS and install WordPress Multisite. Ok is working well, until I try to import other blog content (xml)

Mysql error 1093: How to delete wordpress users with no posts & no comments, is not an admin and registered in year 2013 and older

I have this code that works properly and displays the output that I want. SELECT * FROM wp_users WHERE ID NOT IN ( SELECT post_author

Check for logged in users from outside wp page in wordpress

I need to check if the user has logged in to my wordpress site from a non wp page.How can this be done ? I

Change the functionality of wordpress users module in admin

I want to restrict wordpress admin to view all users in user list. For say, I have created custom roles (company users, employee). A company

How to disable (prevent from logging in) users depending on environment (staging or live)?

We run a staging and live environment and I would like to prevent my editors to login into the live website. However, every time we

On WordPress, where do I add extra columns for each users?

I am quite new to WordPress, I have identified user.php from wp_includes.php which inserts the username, password and email into the database; how do I

Is there an Open source Content Management System that will allow the users of my website to edit their pages similar to SItecore’s Page Editor mode?

Basically my website has a separate page for certain type of special users and the ordinary visitor can see those pages and perform certain actions.

Delete many WordPress users thru mysql

I downloaded and manually filtered a the Users database from Mysql, and now I have the users I don’t want to delete. How should I

Sending an email to all users via contact form

I am trying to pull together all my users to send an email out to them from a contact form. I am using WordPress to

Carry over users details to a new page

I am using wordpress and have created a list of users which are all links. Once clicked I need to carry the person email address

Gravity Forms User Registration - disable for logged-in users.

I’m trying to modify the below code snippet / function hook to disable registration if the user is logged in. <?php add_filter("gform_disable_registration", "disable_registration", 10, 4);

Make users write arabic only in my wordpress template

i want make users write Arabic only in any TextBox in my WordPress , and if any user write English want to show a validation

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