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Woocommerce product category description on products page

I am working on woocommerce and I am trying to display product’s category description on products page, not the single product page but on page

edit "order items" on woo-commerce order detail page

i want to display custom fields data on order detail page under heading “order Items” Please help me how and where need to edit page

woocommerce - custom price formatting

I’m using Woocommerce to build a custom theme for a webshop. The price formatting that i’m getting back now is: ‘150’ when the price is

How do I use font awesome to change the star rating image in woocommerce?

There was a question similar to mine but the answer was incomplete because instead of replacing the star image, the answer just changed the colour

woocommerce custom price based on quantity

I have a product $productPrice = $12.00 Is it possible if productQuantity = 12 would be $productPrice = $99.00 Please let me know this thing

woocommerce "mysite/cart/" redirects to "mysite/cart/" again to a blank instead of "mysite/checkout/"

I am trying to trouble shoot my woo commerce this is what I experience. woocommerce “mysite/cart/”page when I click “proceed to checkout” redirects to “mysite/cart/”

WordPress Plugin WooCommerce, Custom Payment Gateway Settings Not Saving

I’m working on a custom payment gateway for the WordPress plugin WooCommerce. I cannot seem to save the settings for the payment gateway. When I

WooCommerce - how do I disable attribute option menus until the one above is selected?

On the Product page of a Variable Product, I’d like to use javascript/jQuery to control the attribute drop down menus. Basically, I want Option Menu

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