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JQuery Easing error with word press theme

I made a custom theme a few months back and it all worked just fine. However after updating word press and the plugins I had

secure word press uploads folder

I have taking over a site for someone and it is a dreaded word press site. I have no experience of word press or CMS

In .htaccess of how to redirect urls after removing a word as a new structure applied

i have a WordPress site and recently i have changed the URLs structure and that cause a lot of NOT found errors as i found

Word Counter plugin in textarea WordPress solution not working in jquery 1.11.0

I’ve set up my form with the code from this thread: Counting and limiting words in a textarea However the fiddle code was written with

Newbie - got API from a price comparison website - but how to implement in my word press website?

First I want to thanks to all members of this forum . You have helped me tremendously. ( I always visit from google search and

Word press: How to make posts to have category specific sidebars with the widgets

I’m new to WordPress, I’m using Divi theme to build my website.My client wants News and Blog page on the same site, i did using

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