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WordPress custom field or meta box to add data to footer

I have a custom theme which has a footer.php file, which contains my footer. This footer contains two YouTube videos which I have currently hardcoded

If wordpress option empty, show page list

I hope i’lll explain this correctly. here’s my drop down list $html .= '<select name="pp-dropdown_'.$i.'"> <option value="">' . attribute_escape(__('Select page')) . '</option> '; ?> <?php

Save drop down list selection in wordpress admin’s theme page

I’ve got a drop down list populated with wordpress pages, what I am trying to do is store the item once it’s selected. i.e user

jquery slider not working in post body in wordpress

I have a jQuery slider and I want it to embed it in the body of the WordPress page, like this <div class="container"> <div class="main">

Use wp_page_menu(); to populate a drop down menu in a wordpress admin themes page

I’m trying to create a drop down list for my pages in the wordpress admin page, I can display the pages using wp_page_menu(); but the

WordPress Woocommerce - Custom upload field in checkout page

I would like to add a input field to upload a file during the checkout. How can I do this? Currently, I’ve added my field

How To Display Post’s on Two Column In WordPress Home page

I want to display my home page post’s on two column, If you have any idea then please share it with me. Thanks Read more

Simple custom wordpress dashboard

I have a wordpress blog. I need to create a custom dashboard link. I need it to be simple and it should be a plugin.

WordPress index.php not working

I am trying to code the index.php but run some for some errors. I am trying to list down blogs from scratch and inserted the

Combining Two WordPress Plugins Together

Is there a way to mix two different WordPress plugins such as the meta slider and wonderplugin carousel? What I am trying to do is

Install WordPress on iis windows 7 sql server 2008

Please, Help me install wordpress on a Windows IIS 7 and SQL Server 2008 Read more here: Install WordPress on iis windows 7 sql server

WordPress site user accounts

I’d like a WordPress site to be able to allow each different user (subscriber) account to see different posts (a unique selection) and this is

My Google Map cuts off in WordPress :/

For whatever reason my map keeps cutting off… this is the code I am using: [xt_tab title=”MAP”] [flexiblemap address=”10 downing street london uk” zoom=”14″ title=”Number

Importing images from blogspot to wordpress

The import process is easy enough and everything is imported correctly. The one thing I can’t figure out is how to change what size image

WordPress pagination <a> links click and change to "active" but don’t redirect

I’ve searched through many similar pagination issues and have not found a solution to this exact problem. Pagination seems to be working perfectly, links are

WordPress: different accounts read some posts but not others

I’d like a WordPress site to be able to allow each different user (subscriber) account to see different posts (a unique selection) and this is

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