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Is Operture WordPress Theme Editor Compatible with any version of WordPress?

I have used the Operture WordPress Theme Editor and it works great. Very easy to use and very intuitive. I was wondering if it it

Retrieve Title of latest video from youtube channel in wordpress

I am developing a WordPress site and would like to show the latest YouTube titles from my channel. I do not want to embed a

wordpress extend theme function.php with a plugin

I am trying to write a function for wordpress multisite that would affect all installed themes on page load by adding this line on the

WordPress search for pages

I’m trying to write a search feature on a website of mine, and it seems like it’s not pulling in any of the pages, only

Remove ‘Theme Options’ Option Tree WordPress

I use the Options Tree. Just to use a Meta Box only. And I do not use his Theme Options. In the picture below, how

Get new <img> src generated from wordpress ajax

I need the featured image src from “post-new.php” page after ajax response. Is this possible? Without publishing first. $('.button').on('mouseover', function(){ img_src = $('.attachment-266x266').attr('src'): }) From

Return ACF field as a Shortcode using WordPress Functions.php file

How do I use an Advanced Custom Field as a Shortcode. Ive used the following code in the WordPress functions.php file but no luck. Here

Advanced custom field filtering by value in wordpress

I’m using wordpress and advanced custom fields to populate some a team section. However I use the same team section in different places and want

How to SQL query by post title in wordpress when title has an apostrophe

I’m creating a shortcode in wordpress where the user can use the post title or slug of a post to pull information from a post.

WordPress how to connect via FTP

I am very new to wordpress, as the majority of my experience is in plain PHP/mysql. My friend wants me to assist in his wordpress

Slicknav with WordPress

I am trying to use SlickNav with a custom theme on WordPress. I feel as though I have tried everything to make it work, and

carrying custom wordpress query variable throughout session

I’m creating a wordpress site that needs to have two distinct versions. The changes in the two are only frontend, and will be very minimal

wp_page_menu(); drop down list in wordpress admin page

I’m trying to create a drop down list for my pages in the wordpress admin page, I can display the pages using wp_page_menu(); and the

Confirm Leave on External Links in WordPress

Here’s the situation: This is a bank website, so when a user clicks an external link (perhaps to a Facebook page or a partner website),

how to create a phpmyadmin db connection for wordpress and create custom id search box with resultpage?

have a wordpress site for the college. We wanted to preview our students exam result on our site. so we design a database.each student have

Unable to retrieve data from multiple WordPress websites on same server

I am trying to retrieve data from multiple client WordPress websites on a single php page. So I can monitor all these websites without going

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