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WordPress functions doesn’t work inside custom TinyMCE editor button

I created simple TinyMCE plugin like below. Basically it’s a new button in TinyMCE editor that’ll pop up lightbox (thick box) when pressed. // create

.htaccess does not work in production server

It seems I can’t make some RewriteRules work in our production envirenment. In testing environment everything works like a charm. I have such RewriteRule RewriteRule

Custom JQuery Lightbox doesn’t work on WordPress site

When I run the code offline using a HTML code and calling the JQuery Library, it works properly. However, when I try to implement it

How to pass an array as attribute of shortcode to work properly shortcode parser?

echo ‘[test attr=”‘.json_encode(array(‘test’=>’my[][dfd]dfds[][][‘)).'”]’; //How to safe pass the array as attribute in shortcodes ? Read more here: How to pass an array as attribute of

remove_meta_box for all post types doesn’t seem to work

To remove a metabox from all post types at once, using a foreach seems like the logical thing to do. However it doesn’t always work

Why won’t wp_enqueue_scripts work on one site but it will another?

I wrote a pretty basic plugin and I’ve tested it a local site (running through MAMP) and on a live site. When I install the

How can I get these two filtering methods to work concurrently?

I’m working on a search function for a list of people. I have currently have two methods that can filter the list (which is a

bbpress doesn’t work when certain code is added in an activated plugin

I have a forums page that displays my forum index. Whenever I add the following part of code the bbpress doesn’t display my forum index

How Does WordPress Work?

I’m considering trying WordPress, But I can’t figure out how it works. Is it drag and drop, is it customizable? I’m trying to make a

Need to make this script work on WordPress page

i am trying to get this particular script to work on a custom worpress template page; it is a jquery script to start an embedded

Javascript hide don’t work

I tried to hide an image with class="hide_phone" but both code above didn’t work. <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function($){ $('.hide_phone').hide(); }); </script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function($){ $('.hide_phone').css('display','none'); });

How to make JS work on WordPress Menu?

I want to add a custom item to my main menu for booking. It should work with Javascript. I tried a few suggestions but it

mysql query doesnt work

I have a problem with a query in mysql. It’s from a wordpress blog and a try to set the title of each post als

Mobile site subdomain doesnt work

I use 1and1 as my hosting company and my desktop website is on wordpress. Recently I decided to create a mobile version of my website,

How to work with AJAX and WordPress?

I’m working on my first plugin. I would like to add a follow button for the posts, so the logged in users can follow the

Menu toggle doesn’t work on safari ,IE and Iphone

In my wordpress theme it is a toggle event for the small screens, but it doesn’t work correctly. It works fine on firefox, or chrome,

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