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move_uploaded file not working in wordpress

I am attempting to do my own manual manual upload of a file in a WordPress template page. But Im getting this error. Warning: move_uploaded_file():

jquery slider not working in post body in wordpress

I have a jQuery slider and I want it to embed it in the body of the WordPress page, like this <div class="container"> <div class="main">

WordPress index.php not working

I am trying to code the index.php but run some for some errors. I am trying to list down blogs from scratch and inserted the

ASPX pages not working in Application within PHP site in IIS8.5

I have WordPress setup in IIS8.5 and I’m trying to add a ASP.NET 4.0 site as a subfolder/application. The URL will look like this…

Pagination working locally but not on live site

I have a loop on my single.php page like this:- <?php if (have_posts()) : ?> <?php $paged = get_query_var( 'paged' ) ? get_query_var( 'paged' )

RTMP live Streaming not working on some browsers

I’m trying to set up a live streaming through rtmp. I use the code below. The thing is that on my end, the stream works

UPME Known Issues - Edit Profile Not Working

We have experienced edit profile not working in UPME due to plugin conflicts. What are the possible causes of this issue and how do we

AJAX call not working in WP based site

This is my first time calling AJAX from within jQuery so please bear with me here. I have a JSON file where I have formatted

How make VR jScrollPane working with tabs plugin in WordPress?

I spent several hours trying to find a solution for the following WordPress problem. I have implemented “Quick tabs” and “VR jScrollPane Shortcode” plugins here:

How should I set up a new WordPress Theme without working on the live site?

I’m trying to set up a new theme but don’t want to make the changes live until it is completely configured. I came across a

cURL within a WordPress theme’s functions file not working

I’m trying to make an API call from within a theme’s functions file and am having some issues. I’m hooking in to Contact Form 7’s

WordPress - Custom error page is not working for pdf

Custom “Page not found ” is working on regular pages , if pages does not exist. I test by manually typing wrong url and it

Flexslider not working for my custom theme WordPress

I add flexslider to my theme homepage but it didn’not show on my homepage what the problem is going on please suggets some solution.

Word Counter plugin in textarea WordPress solution not working in jquery 1.11.0

I’ve set up my form with the code from this thread: Counting and limiting words in a textarea However the fiddle code was written with

Moving from to blogger and keeping images working

I want to move my back to blogger. I’ve succesfully imported all the images. But I’ve discovered that as soon as I change the

Bootstrap affix not working with wordpress!

Hi I tried customizing WordPress twentytwelve by adding a fixed nav bar with twitter bootstrap, i tried the code on a static way it works

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