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ajax/jquery only works on index.php frontpage

I have absolutely no idea why it happens. You can check my blog here. The menu and the lightbox for single post work fine but

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser works on localhost but not live WordPress website

I am working with a WordPress plugin that outputs a table of data on the plugin’s admin page. I have modified the plugin to add

Alternative naming convention for uploads, works for all but one image size

So I’ve been able to almost get up and running with foresight.js to be able to serve the right size of media files on the

Action hook "wp_insert_post" works but not for last imported post

I want to run a custom function whenever posts are imported to my custom post type. I am currently running this code - function on_post_import($post){

pageYOffset problems in WordPress? Works on code playground, not on dev site

I am hoping someone will have some insight into my jQuery conundrum. I’m trying to implement a fairly simple script to add/remove a class to

WordPress navigation IE 9 and below not working on home but works on rest of the pages

Hey guys I would really appreciate help. I created a custom wordpress theme and the site is Only enough on all IE9 and below

Multisite new sites not found(404), main site still works

I followed wordpress guide to install multisite. My main site ( works well, my multisite is based on subdirectory i.e., (, however it doesn’t load

get_query_var not works

I would like to $_GET a parameter in the URL, for that I read I have to use query_vars. First I added the following lines

designova theme works sometime

I have a big problem and I do not know how to solve it. I just finished my wordpress blog http:/ but I noticed that

MySQL query works from phpMyAdmin and returns rows, but $wpdb->get_results return nothing

I am trying execute a mySQL query from $wpdb->get_results, but nothing returns while it works fine from phpAdmin and returns. SQL code: $sql=" select SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS

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