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Php to Xml - Remove a text part from a result

i have the code i will show next: $xml->startElement("description"); $xml->writeRaw(utf8_encode(strip_tags($row['post_content'],''))); $xml->endElement(); and this bring me a result like <description>A M21Rh – Empresa de Trabalho Temporário,

Formatting data from CSV file to generate XML that WordPress can import

I’ve got a recipe site that is using a MYSQL database and a really old CMS. I am wanting to convert my site over to

Create a custom WordPress post for every element of a XML file

I’m sorry for my english. I explain my situation. I have an XML file that i get using CURL function in PHP. I would to

File Uploader + XML generating script

I need an admin panel, that allows us to Write content, and upload multiple images and pdf files, and I need them in xml (rss

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