I modified a plugin, and wanted to prevent it from being updated. So I gave it a new name, localisation domain and class name. But WordPress still recognizes that there is an update for the original plugin. The following code is just the head, but I prefixed tw-recent-posts with “nothing-” everytime.

class Nothing_TW_Recent_Posts extends WP_Widget {
    //  @var string (The plugin version)        
    var $version = '1.0.0';
    //  @var string $localizationDomain (Domain used for localization)
    var $localizationDomain = 'nothing-tw-recent-posts';
    //  @var string $pluginurl (The url to this plugin)
    var $pluginurl = '';
    //  @var string $pluginpath (The path to this plugin)       
    var $pluginpath = '';
    //  PHP 4 Compatible Constructor
    function Nothing_TW_Recent_Posts() {

Read more here: update message for modified plugin


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