I have a CI site which has WordPress installed on the sub-directory.
-IIS 7.5
-PHP 5.3

The original CI site:


Everytime I access website.com , it would add 2 variables. Internationalization and the controller.
It would redirect the site to website.com/id/user.

id=> Indonesian

Because of this , on accessing WordPress ( website.com/blog/), it add those two variables too.
It would redirect the site to website.com/blog/id/user
On WordPress, I have included the CI index.php so I can call the CI view in WordPress.


 $route['default_controller'] = "user";
 //$route['blog/id/user'] =  $route['default_controller'];
 $route['404_override'] = '';    
 $route['^(id|en)(.+)$'] = "$2";
 // '/en', '/de', '/fr' and '/nl' URIs -> use default controller
 $route['^(id|en)$'] = $route['default_controller'];

How can I change the URI not to add the two variables; language and controller_name?
I have tried modifying the routes.php but it did not work.


Read more here: Web.config / Route to WordPress which included CodeIgniter


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