I was working with WordPress for a while and I sometimes feel like I don’t know enough.
I know basic PHP and JS and would like to advance in this field of profession.
So I wondered if you guys know of good online course or a really good book for this.

I currently learn from experience, and I think that I an missing a lot of things on the way. For example, I try to learn from written plugins, and re-write them, and now always know to re-write them without peeking, but still, it’s never like knowing how to write them myself, or understand how WordPress work in a deeper level, where I know (in the best way) the structure of the system, main functions, actions, main variables, ect’.

I googled some keywords and found some things that look good.
I’ll just paste them here, maybe you will recognize something you used that helped you.

So here are the books on wordpresses website:


And some other stuff:

(Lynda.com's material is very nooby in my point of view and doesn't teach WordPress to the depth of it). 

* sorry can’t paste links yet. I’m new here :)

I hope that there ate some hardcore wordpress developers here to help me with this.

Read more here: What is the best way to become a high level WordPress developer (understanding WordPress to the depth)


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