Woocommerce Product Categories

i use a wordpress theme and this has some custom types products categories like Hotels, Tours e.t.c.
This theme connected with woocommerce and if a cliend choice a hotel then send this product as variable products into woocommerce.

The Problem.

When my theme send product (a room of hotel) as variable ro woocommerce, it didn’t write for this any category in woocommerce product category.
I create some categories into woocommerce/product/categories but when i go to my custom theme product e.t.c Hotel page, i can not see theese categories in screen options

How i can do this? because i want choice any of this categories when i add a new hotel. and if my client then, choice this hotel then my theme send this hotel with price into woocommerce with specific woocommerce product category.

Please Help me.
George Lekkas

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