I have a wordpress site that lives in a subdirectory and need to create a multisite for internationalization.

My current setup is
domain.com (completely different website NOT WordPress)
domain.com/blog (WordPress site)

It is my understanding that the main domain in a WordPress multisite must be at the root. This is okay and I understand, so moving the main wordpress to blog.domain.com is an option if needed.

Now for the child sites in the Multisite network I would need this:

However I run into the same issue as with the domain.com address where domain.co.uk and domain.de are completely separate website outside of WordPress

I am using Apache and also use the Bedrock set up which separates wordpress completely. I have successfully created a subdirectory based multisite network, with international subdomains with virtual hosts and domain mapping no problem.

for example I got this to work for a different setup:

I cannot seem to figure our how to get this to work with subdirectories and not having access to the root domain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Read more here: WordPress Multisite Map Domain from Domain with Subdirectory


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