I have a themes management which is prebuilt HTML files for my CMS that I am writing. I have a folder called themes then inside that are the zip files for the themes. I have an unzip function that will add the theme to the public_html page for the site to work correctly. My issue is if I go to the url it will download the zip file, by adding an .htaccess to the themes folder should that protect that from people downloading the zip. Also another question, instead of downloading 300 zip folders, is there a another way to handle templates? Maybe on another website server which then will download to that users public_html.

For example:

You go to my cms site (kms.io [example]) they search for a theme and then they click add to site. It will automatically add it to their server. Or possibly inside the KMS CMS admin panel show the other servers files by iterating. Basically I’m wondering can I communicate between my server to their server so they can download templates that I provide for them.

I don’t need a step by step tutorial or anything, just a basic concept that I can look into, or if there already is a tutorial out there a link as well. I’ve googled this and get some funny results that have nothing to do what I want. Reason for that is I’m not sure of what to call this action really.


Instead of downloading the zips in the KMS package, can I communicate with a base server (my sites server) from another users server so they can download template packages that the KMS will offer. Almost like WordPress I suppose, never used it to be honest.

Read more here: Zip files only to be read by server


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