We have a huge issue with duplicate products that I’m trying to find using MySQL, our database is simply to huge to go through manually. I need to find duplicate products, here is the best description that I can give you right now.

It’s about WordPress and WooCommerce. I need to find duplicate products that have the same meta_value of meta_key ‘s : _sku and _price.

The same table has post_id which reference to the product in wp_posts, which is where the products need to be deleted, for now we can leave the meta in the database, shouldn’t do any harm for now.

At first I tried finding duplicates using the post_title, but the problem is that some titles are different, and we have some products with the same SKU but with a different title, that’s why we are matching on the _sku and _price meta_key’s.

Read more here: Find Duplicate Identifier Across Multiple Rows As Key In MySQL


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