Finding CPU spikes culprit

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I’m running a WordPress blog on shared hosting.
I don’t have that much traffic (max. 4000 views per day / 20 visitors at the same time).

I have checked everything I could on the WordPress site e.g.:

  • tried a standard theme (Twenty Twelve)
  • deactivated all plugins
  • disabled Cron jobs
  • sped up website with common tips given by GMetrix etc.

My website normally loads in 4-6s, but sometimes due to the slow server response it’s over 20s. This is caused by a spike in CPU usage according to my hosting provider (HawkHost).

I’ve been in contact with my hosting provider, but they couldn’t solve the issue. I need to find the culprit.
I’m using Putty, but that doesn’t really help.

I’m on shared hosting with 1 CPU core, which should be enough given my low stats.

Something is causing the CPU spikes. They don’t happen 24/7, but several times a day.

My hosting service said I either should hire a developer to check my WordPress installation or upgrade to dedicated hosting. Both will cost a lot of money and none might help in the end.

Does anyone here have experience with this and could help me figure out what I can do now?

For reference, here’s a screenshot of my Putty log:

My cpanel CSU usage snapshot:

I’d be very grateful if anybody could help.
Thank you in advance.

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