First Website – Security Concerns

I have taught myself HTML/CSS and some JavaScript as a hobby, and have reached the point where I am comfortable building a clean simple website. The company I work for (we do nothing related to coding) has a website that is quite outdated so naturally I saw this as an opportunity for my first live site. I approached my Managers at work to take a look at my first mock up and they loved it and want me to revamp our current site.

The one concern they have with me being a rookie is the issue of web security. Essentially they want to make sure that the website I build leaves no vulnerability for someone to hack through our server, start editing our website, etc.

There are no interactive components to the current website. I plan to build this website with only HTML and CSS, and perhaps add some JavaScript later down the road once I progress in my learning a bit more. There are no account logins or areas to enter personal information anywhere on the site.

My question comes down to this — what can I do to ensure that the website I build is not leaving our company vulnerable? I have done a lot of searching around Stack Overflow and other websites but I am not confident I am finding the correct information.

Details that might make a difference:

  • Our company website is hosted through
  • Our website is currently on WordPress, but I will probably not use WordPress for the new website

I greatly appreciate all of your help!

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