First WordPress plugin: Customizing text on page

I’m trying to get on developing websites on WordPress for easier management for the future admins.

I have created a bootstrap theme on my own. I got all the pages smoothly into WordPress and are now easy to edit. However I have this one page which has tables, buttons, glyphicons and once I click the “graphic” view while editing the page it breaks it.

So I was thinking that that won’t do and I decided to create a new plugin to fix this problem. A simple plugin which has few textboxes on the admin settings page and then just prints the texts on the page where I want them to go.

However I tried to look for tutorials and I’m just overwhelmed. I have gotten my plugin to work somewhat. It has a admin setup page and it can print customized text to a page where my shortcode is. Thanks to this post!

But… I still don’t know what to do from this point on.

My question is: Could you help me by giving me an example code to get the same kind of textbox to my plugin’s admin page as I have while editing/adding new pages (with graphic view) which saves the text and displays it on a page.

I have no idea if this is the way to go but I can’t think of anything else right now. I was thinking that the settings page has a couple of textboxes and the text in them goes where I want it to go on a page. So the future admin won’t see the unnecessary html code and therefore can’t break it.

Thanks in advance! I hope this made any sense at all!

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