focus specific markers in progress-map

I want to focus on some specific markers on map. I am using progress maps plugin for wordpress to develop the functionality.
The following code screens the markers wrt the posts searched

$lat_c = $lat;
$lng_c = $lng; ?>
var posts_searched = document.getElementsByClassName('item-post');
var no_of_posts = posts_searched.length;
var z = 0;
<!-- var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds(); -->
  while(z < no_of_posts){
    if(posts_searched[z].id == <?php echo $post_id; ?>){
        alert(JSON.stringify(marker_object, null, 4));
        alert(JSON.stringify(marker_object.latLng, null, 4));
        <!-- bounds.extend(marker_object.getPosition()); -->
    z = z + 1;

I have access to marker_object and json_marker_data. I have tried bounds.extend function but no luck. Need help

Read more here: focus specific markers in progress-map

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