I created a site with the a premuim theme named “Firma” and basically took care in all above the fold content problems; All but the following ATFC problems has been fixed.

This one problem is characterized in the following code (as it appears fully in a Google Pagespeed Insights test):




If I remove the theme Firma, this problem occurs no longer.

Something interesting is that my webpage’s text isn’t italic anywhere, so I assumed this might be something rooted in the data that comes with the famous WordPress customizer but even locking everything to font-family: Arial and font-style: normal (to remove all italics that come with the theme) wasn’t enough. Also, I didn’t have any numerical font weights in the customizer so it’s lees likely to be associated.

Moreover, I also removed all calls for Assistant Playfair font families and all italics from the page builder, so it should not come from it.

My qeustion:

Where can this data be? Please also comment with any idea you have for what to check.

Read more here: font-family, font-style and font-weight values are inhibiting rendering of above the fold content


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