fontawesome icons wont load after uploading wordpress site online

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I made a wordpress site local, after uploading online the fontawesome icons still refer to localhost and wont load.

My steps to migrate the wordpress site to work online where:

  • Migrate the DB with the Plugin ‘WP Migrate DB’, changing the URL and file path from localhost to the new domain (more precise subdomain) online.
  • Download the new DB dump and import it to the new DB online
  • Change the wordpress address and website address in wordpress settings and upload the whole wordpress content to the new webspace over FTP
  • change the DB creditials in wp-config.php that is online
  • Now everything works but the fontawesome icons show as a little square online.

    The developer tools from google chrome show me that the fontawesome fonts are still referred from localhost.

    I queried the db online for a entry like localhost but there is nothing more that points to localhost. The path has to be in the wordpress files. I searched with Phpstorm for that path, but i found nothing.

    Does anyone know how can i fix that and point font awesome to a different path?

    Thank you in advance.

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