Senario :

for reducing cost purpose outsouce debug / web dev to 3rd parties
mostly are wordpress sites.

The Normal way of outsourcing wordpress web develop / debug is likely to be

  1. clone a development version from live (production) environment
  2. removing or reset credentials ( such as re-config admin password from db, change username, wp-config.php values etc.)
  3. zip website & database and transfer to 3rd party developer
  4. replace/upload the modified file submitted by 3rd party developer to production server after dev/debug was done.

Question :

So Far what are the most effective ways to achieve the above production2none-sensitive-data-wordpress-site process with

  1. Minimal technology background / coding skills required (e.g plugins)
  2. more efficient ways than manually configure steps 1-2 (e.g scripts)
  3. leaking as less production information as possible to the 3rd parties
    (don’t leak any cpanel , ftp, dbname, db username , replaced with dummy strings preferred.)
  4. keep simple and fast, version control may not be required.


Read more here: For wordpress outsource code debug, are there faster & secure ways ? (with minimum credential given to 3rd party)


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