I am developing a woocommerce store in which the base currency is required to be AED and one of the payment options is required to be PayPal.

I use woocommerce-currency-switcher to allow customer to select preferred currency, most of which are not supported PayPal currencies ( AED, BHD, KWD, OMR, QTR, SAR, USD, EUR, GBP ). I am able to force Paypal getaway to display by pushing the unsupported currencies into the PayPal array using the woocommerce_paypal_supported_currencies hook.

If PayPal is selected and the currency is not (GBP||USD||EUR) i would like to force the store into USD. Forcing the store to USD when it first loads is not suitable as this would force all payment methods (cod, bacs) to use USD too.

What I really need is to force USD only when PayPal is selected, but have no idea of how to trap the section event – I did try using woocommerce_update_order_review_fragments but this does not seem to work.

Any ideas? i totally stumped.

Read more here: Force Woocomerce checkout to new currency when Paypal is selected


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